Todd and Guy Go Camping

Keep your secrets, even when you think you’re about to die.

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Best friends Todd and Guy are lost and stranded in the desert. Thinking their situation is hopeless, one of the starts confessing his past perpetrations against the other.


  • Male: 2
  • Total roles: 2
Guy’s best friend since childhood, married, 30’s. He is the calmer of the two, very much a man’s man.
Todd’s best friend, single, 30’s. He is the more emotional of the two, currently panicked about their dire situation.

Setting & Set Requirements

A desert back road.


  • 2008 – NU Ways/NU Works, University of Nebraska, NE
  • 2004 – Hovey Players, MA
  • 2004 – Shadow Boxing New Works Festival, MA
  • 1995 – Theater Geo, CA


Guy: Oh, very reassuring.  Very fuckin’ reassuring.  So we’re going to be rescued by two guys with no water, no food, and a stupid fuckin’ inoperable truck.  Nobody’s going to come!   End of the line, Todd.  Buzzards and bleached bones.  I’m not joking about this.  I’m telling you, this is it!

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