The Way to a Man’s Heart

If it worked for Tevye, it will work for Shirley.

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Ben’s neighbor and friend Shirley shows up one morning bearing fresh peach cobbler, a proposal, and news of a surprising visitation.


  • Female: 1
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 2
BEN’s neighbor and his late wife’s best friend. A lively woman in her mid-sixties, widowed ten years ago.
A nice man in his late sixties, recently retired. A widower for three years.

Setting & Set Requirements

A kitchen.


  • 2023 – Staged reading, Congregation Bet Ha’am, ME
  • 2023 – Kincaid School, TX
  • 2023 – Eagan Theater, MN
  • 2022 – Parish Players, VT
  • 2019 – Short + Sweet Festival, Syndney, Australia
  • 2017 – Nantucket Short Play Festival, MA
  • 2017 – Lakeshore Players, MN
  • 2016 – Theater Southwest, TX


Shirley: Rachel loved her romances.  Put a muscly man on the cover and some bodice ripping, you can bet she’d read it.

Ben: What is a bodice?  I’ve always wondered.

Shirley: The top part of a lady’s dress, waist to cleavage.  A word you don’t hear so much these days.  Too bad that.  Doesn’t really have the same tingle to say, “With eager hands he tore off her pants suit blouse.”

Inquire About This Play