The Takeover

Sometimes we simply have to let go, ready or not.

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A retiring executive secretary fights to protect her job and her boss from the very different professional – or unprofessional – style of her young replacement.


  • Female: 2
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 3
A retiring executive secretary, 64, conservative, reserved, dignified.
Margaret’s replacement, 28, pretty, bright, confident.
Mr. McChesney
Margaret’s boss, 60, a big man, friendly, earthy.

Setting & Set Requirements

The records room of a large corporation.


  • 2017 – Staged Reading, Clutch Productions, NY
  • 2016 – Sala de Metodo, Madrid, Spain
  • 2011 – Emerging Artists Theater Company, NY
  • 2010 – Lebanon Community Theater, PA
  • 2010 – Staged Reading, KNOCK Bit Part Festival, Seattle, WA


Margaret: I know what you see when you look at me.  Old.  Out of touch.  Used up.  Yes, I have put a great deal of my personal life aside, because it is a matter of pride to see that this office and this company and Mr. McChesney’s life run smoothly. I gave everything to this job, and I did it without college, without help, and without ever once feeling demeaned by my title.  And I would rather work another ten years than turn my keys over to someone who believes that this office is just one more place to use a cell phone and who calls Mr. McChesney by his first name.

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