The Psycho Bitch and the Throbbing Blue Veiner

A lusty romp urged on by inner voices.

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When Greta and Hobie return from their first date, all decked out and hot to tumble, what they say has little to do with what they mean.


  • Female: 2
  • Male: 2
  • Total roles: 4
A beautiful woman looking for love.
Greta Inner
Like Greta, but more cautious, more cynical.
Greta’s date, a handsome man looking for sex.
Hobie Inner
Like Hobie, but more unabashedly horny.

Setting & Set Requirements

Greta’s apartment.


  • 2010 – Winner Golden Pineapple Award, Cringefest, NY Artists Unlimited, NY


  • 2023 – Staged reading, Drunken Owl Theater, Seattle, WA
  • 2012 – Image Theater Naughty Readings, MA
  • 2010 – Cringefest, NY Artists Unlimited, NY


Greta Inner: “Thank you”.  That’s your hint to stop.  (GRETA downs her wine.) And that’s your signal to leave.

Hobie Inner: Look at that, she’s trying to get drunk.  Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Inquire About This Play