The Great Whatever

There is more than one way to save a soul.

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On a street corner of a big city on Christmas Eve, two strangers try to save one another.


  • Female: 1
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 2
A shy, plainly dressed woman, 40’s – 50’s.
A businessman, sharply dressed. 20’s – 30’s.

Setting & Set Requirements

Simple setting, a bus stop in a street corner.


  • 2020 – Zoom performance, Alternative Theater Company, NY
  • 2016 – Ye Olde Rose and Crown Pub, London, England
  • 2012 – Readers Theater Repertory, OR


Walt: If the bus isn’t here in five minutes, I’m calling a cab, so you’re on the clock.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll change my mind – or maybe I’ll change yours.  You think about that?  Maybe I’m going to bring you around to the glory of skepticism, save you from a lifetime of ignorance and slavery.  If you’re willing to risk that, go ahead.  Tell me why you think god is real.

Inquire About This Play