Snow White Who?

She may be beautiful, but…

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Prince Charming rapturously tells his father that he has met the girl he wants to marry. The King, however, becomes more and more alarmed when he learns that this girl’s stepmother is a vengeful witch, and that the girl has been living with seven male dwarves.


  • Male: 2
  • Total roles: 2
Prince Charming
A dashing, dreamy, rather unfinished young man. He is swoonily romantic and fairly dances when he walks.
The King
A cranky older man. Not unkind, but plagued by aching joints and the business of running his realm.

Setting & Set Requirements

The King’s chamber/office.


PRINCE: Father, if you met her, you would love her, too. She is so beautiful.

KING: If beauty were all that mattered, do you think I’d have married your mother? Rest her soul, she was plain as a pork chop. But she had a dowry and hips as wide as a cow’s. I knew she’d bear me strong royal sons. (He looks at the PRINCE.) Yes, well, that was the idea. But no, son, you must have a proper queen.

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