Santa’s Little Mrs.

What is Mrs. Santa’s first name?

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Santa is enraptured when he gets his first computer.  Mrs. Santa Googles herself and discovers that she is a non-entity, always in her husband’s shadow.  She decides to leave the North Pole and go to the city to see if she can make a name for herself.


  • Female: 1
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 2
A middle aged man with a big white beard, genuinely good natured, if a bit clueless.
Mrs. Santa
A warm, modest, motherly woman – usually.

Setting & Set Requirements

Santa’s den, a cozy room, comfortably messy and, of course, decorated for Christmas.


  • 2022 – Drunken Owl Theater, WA
  • 2019 – Dover Little Theater, NJ
  • 2017 – Lionheart Theater, GA
  • 2014 – Onstage Atlanta, GA


SANTA: This is a fantastic invention.  You can look up simply everything, and everyone.  Earlier today I Googled the history of the kazoo.  Google is a verb now.  Did you know that? Isn’t that the jolliest word?  Google.  I Googled him.  We Googled each other.

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