Sally Sees the Light

How do we go beyond convention – and how do we get back?

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Two friends meet for lunch. One of them suddenly takes a wild, involuntary journey to the uncomfortable truths which lie beyond convention.


  • Female: 2
  • Total roles: 2
A young woman who has been shopping. Innocent, curious, perhaps too imaginative. 20’s – 30’s
A young woman who has also been shopping. Sally’s friend. 20’s – 30’s.

Setting & Set Requirements

A table and two chairs in a nice bistro.


  • 1991 – Finalist, Actors Theater of Louisville Humana Fest, KY


  • 2017 – Fizzy Sherbet, England
  • 2012 – Festival of Contemporary Theater, Madrid, Spain
  • 2009 – Voice of Vashon Radio Theater Series, WA
  • 2008 – University of California, Davis, CA
  • 2008 – 3Graces Theater Company, NY
  • 2007 – Theater One, MA
  • 2005 – St. Louis One Acts Festival, MO
  • 2003 – City Theater Company, DE
  • 2001 – University of Southern California, CA
  • 1998 – Braulio Salazar Gallery, Venezuela
  • 1995 – Theater Geo, CA
  • 1992 – Manhattan Punchline, NY
  • 1991 – Blue Line Theater, CA


 Jennifer: What is the matter with you?  Are you crazy?

 Sally: Jen, it’s all arbitrary, it’s, it’s all meaningless.  Everything.  Everything we do, everything we think, everything we believe, it’s all just empty.  We don’t even know why we do anything.

Inquire About This Play