Puppies and Kittens

It’s hard to find a place to stand when there are no rules.

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A young woman returns from a trip out of town to find another woman in her boyfriend’s apartment.  Since she and her boyfriend have no rules in their relationship, she cannot protest, so there follows a subtle emotional slip and slide as she fruitlessly jockeys for position.


  • Female: 2
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 3
A sweet young woman who is trying to hard.
A lovely but rather mysterious woman.
Their lover.

Setting & Set Requirements

An apartment living room.


  • 2019 – Spokane Civic Theater, WA
  • 2011 – Seattle Playwrights Studio Showcase, WA


Patty: Well, do you think, would you mind if I stayed over tonight?  I mean, if it’s not okay, just say so.  I knew I was taking a chance coming by without calling, but I missed you so much I could hardly wait.  But if you’re — you know.  Tired or feel like being alone, then I’ll just see you tomorrow.

Inquire About This Play