Heavenly Light

A woman chooses to live by her values, no matter the cost.

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Former freedom fighter Lucinda Celeste lives now in quiet isolation, with her friend and self-proclaimed protector Rex Eaglejeep as her only connection to the rest of the world. But when her long-estranged son appears with the news that her property is going to be confiscated, supposedly to build a new autobahn, Lucinda must decide whether she will capitulate, or once again take up her fight against the repressive government, a fight that has already cost her everything she loves. Although she longs to continue to live in quiet acquiescence, she realizes she must be true to herself and demonstrate for her son what it is to live as a person of conscience and courage.


  • Female: 1
  • Male: 2
  • Total roles: 3
Lucinda Celeste
A former freedom fighter, 50s
Rex Eaglejeep
Lucinda’s neighbor and protector, 40’s
Otto Celeste
Lucinda’s long estranged son, 20’s

Setting & Set Requirements

A rough cabin set on a wooded mountain


  • Goshen Peace Play Prize, awarded bi-annually by Goshen College, IN


  • 2021 – Goshen College, IN


REX: I told you, something’s happening.  Can’t you feel it?  There’s a new generation coming up, young enough they still got ideals and energy, they got so much energy.  They’re starting to think and talk, you know?  They’re set to explode and when they do, they’re going to turn in your direction.

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