Female Dogs

What happens when a friend plants a worm of doubt?

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A conversation between friend takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.


  • Female: 2
  • Total roles: 2
An attractive married woman, 30’s
Sandy’s friend, an attractive, bitter, single woman, 30’s

Setting & Set Requirements

A nice restaurant/bar


  • 2023 – International Arts Center, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2012 – Indiana University of PA
  • 2012 – Regis College, MA
  • 2012 – International Festival of Contemporary Theater, Madrid, Spain (as “Mujeres Perras”)
  • 2011 – Long Island University, NY
  • 2011 – Freshman Showcase, Long Island, NY
  • 2010 – Seattle Playwrights Collective, WA
  • 2007 – Theater Inspirato, Toronto, Canada


SANDY: What turned you so cynical? I know Danny left you, but it wasn’t as though he broke into your apartment and stole your checkbook, or killed your cat, or slept with your mom or anything. He just changed his mind.

KYLA: He didn’t just change his mind. He changed his mind, erased me from his memory bank, and got Roberta Picklepuss pregnant two months later.

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