Cosmic Goofs

An unromantic dramedy about ill-advised love.

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She is torn by passionate conflicting emotions when Him, a former lover, pays a surprise visit.  She has not seen Him since he moved to another state with She’s ex-best girlfriend, Colleen.  Him was a man She adored, couldn’t stand, and still grieves the loss of.  He gives her a tempting invitation, which causes her to bump her nose up against questions of her own loyalty, standards, and desires.


  • Female: 2
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 3
A single woman in her early 30’s. Although disappointed in love and not sure of her own path, she still manages to retain a lively spirit.
An artist, an intense, intelligent, secretive man in his mid-30’s.
She’s former best friend, Him’s current girlfriend, in her early 30’s, a plain, calm, friendly woman.

Setting & Set Requirements

One living room set and one limbo space.


  • 2010 – International Festival of Contemporary Theater, Madrid, Spain
  • 2009 – Mary Baldwin College, VA
  • 2003 – Emerging Artists Theater, NY
  • 2003 – Mae West Fest, Seattle, WA


She: Very intense connection.  Not like anything else ever.  He stirred places in me I didn’t even know I had, sent them swooping out into the sky to dance with the angels.  I’m not kidding.  That slug you saw on the couch here?  That’s me to myself.  With him, don’t laugh, I have poetry pouring out of me, and I want to give everything away and meditate and chant and not eat meat.  With him, my singing sounds like celery growing in a monastery garden, and I’m a terrible singer. 

Inquire About This Play