Brand New Day

Are our values more important than our friends?

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After the 2016 Presidential inauguration, three lifelong friend discover that their political differences matter have become dangerous to their friendship.


  • Female: 3
  • Total roles: 3
Diane Grace
A married high school teacher in her 50’s. Liberal, passionate, outraged.
Lisa Bayonne
A single career woman in her 50’s, owns an accessories design studio. Colorful, loving, a peacemaker.
Sarah Summers
A married homemaker in her 50’s. Conservative, quietly Christian, dignified.

Setting & Set Requirements

One setting, a bistro, with a slightly different set up in the second scene.


 Sarah: For the sake of  our friendship I am not going to let you treat me like this.  You don’t get to shame me just because we disagree  If I’ve made a mistake, I’ll change my mind, but I have to follow my principles and if you can’t respect that, there’s nothing more to say. 

Inquire About This Play