Ask. Tell.

Is it possible to build a bridge across the generation gap?

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In a hospital waiting room, an older woman and younger trans man grapple with the differences between them.


  • Gender Neutral: 1
  • Female: 1
  • Total roles: 2
Late 70’s, trim, brisk. Doing her best to cope with life’s changes.
A young man, early 20’s. Calm, friendly, relaxed. Trans. Can be played by a male or female but must pass as a male.

Setting & Set Requirements

A hospital waiting room.


DEBRA: Oh for heaven’s sake, excuse me for being from a different time.  I am a broad-minded person and I’m trying to stay abreast, I truly am, but something has gone off the rails these days.  It’s troubling.  I’ll tell you honestly, something is truly messed up about your whole generation.  Your bodies covered in tattoos and studs and staples.  On your cell phones day and night.  All these multiple genders and sex changes.

Inquire About This Play