A Different Landscape

Drew loves Chrissie, but won’t make love. What’s that about?

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Chrissie is eager to make love, but for some reason her husband Drew keeps resisting.


  • Female: 1
  • Male: 1
  • Total roles: 2
Drew’s wife, a slim, spirited young woman.
Chrissie’s husband, a good and loving man.

Setting & Set Requirements

A bedroom.


  • 2018 – Cascades 10, OR
  • 2018 – Lakeshore Players, MN
  • 2017 – Nylon Fusion, NY


Chrissie: How do you like my nightgown?

Drew: It’s nice.  Is it new?

Chrissie: I wore it on our wedding night.  Remember?  You were already in bed, and I came out wearing this.  Two minutes later, it was on the floor.  And so were we.  Remember?

Drew: So, okay, well.  I’m going to go take a shower.

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