Poverty and jealousy grind away at the love in a middle-aged couple’s marriage.

  • Female Roles: 2
  • Male Roles: 1

Jason and Medea

The classic tragedy of Medea, the sorcerous famed for killing her children and Jason, the hero who captained the Argo and stole the Golden Fleece

  • Female Roles: 7
  • Male Roles: 3

This Almost Joy

Professor Hart-Meadows upsets the other characters in his play when he decides to break the fourth wall and speak directly to the audience.

  • Female Roles: 2
  • Male Roles: 2

Holy Hell

A man and woman separately relate the story of the tragedy that brought them together and the love that redeemed them both.

  • Female Roles: 1
  • Male Roles: 1