My coaching is grounded in the fundamental elements of dramatic storytelling:

  • A specific and vivid location
  • The inciting incident which sets the story in motion
  • Characters with unique voices and strong intentions
  • Conflict arising naturally from obstacles to those intentions
  • A story trajectory moving ineffably toward climax and resolution
  • Transformation of the characters, driven by the events of the story
  • A clear theme

In my coaching, I also address the business aspects of playwrighting:

  • Confronting writer’s block
  • Correctly formatting scripts
  • Writing an effective synopsis
  • Finding submission opportunities

Whether you have an idea but don’t know how to start, are stuck on a work-in-progress, or want a fresh eye on a play nearing completion, I can help.

If you are interest in the possibility of us working together, contact me through the Contact page on this website. We will set a time for a free initial conversation, either by phone or Zoom, to determine what sort of support you are looking for and whether I am the right person to provide that support.

Once we have decided to work together, my fee is $40 per hour, including time spent both for reading and conversation. A first payment of $40 can be paid through PayPal or by check. Subsequent payment can be made at completion of our work.