Ask. Tell. is getting a lot of attention

My newest short play, Ask. Tell., has already been chosen for performance by 3 different theaters. Drunken Owl Theater right here in Seattle is going to do a lightly staged reading of the play on April 21 at a tavern near downtown. This will be my first opportunity to hear the play spoken aloud. I’m very excited that it’s going to be done somewhere I can actually see it.

Ask. Tell. has also been accepted into Spokane Civic Theater’s Playwright Festival coming up in June. Also into the Cascades 10 Festival in Bend, OR. Both festivals want a play that is new, although the Cascades Festival allows for one previous performance. I’m hoping it will work out that the play can be in both festivals, because both are within driving range and I’m eager to see several interpretations of this fresh play.

I’m thinking this might end up being one of my very popular plays. It has a great role for an older women, which roles are always in demand. And it has a role for a young transgendered man, which can be played a man or a woman. There is a big audience for plays dealing with members of the transgendered community, so here’s hoping Ask. Tell. speaks to that audience.